Gaping Goose, Garforth

For the very first post on Diamond In The Woof, despite our determined effort to remain unbiased on every level, I had to start with an influenced choice of establishment in the Gaping Goose, Garforth (being my very own local and all).

The Gaping Goose’s doors have swung open many a time for Izzy and I, welcoming us with a smile, a friendly hello and of course a delicious treat – for Izzy, of course. They offer a good selection of ales, beers, wines and spirits all at a reasonable price (Hobgoblin is a personal favourite of mine, so having this on draught is always going to win me over). As for food, there is no menu available but there is a wide-range of bar snacks available, including Salty-Dog crips, as well as a good ol’ pork-pie.

Both the landlady and her staff are very pleasant and all know Izzy (and many of their other furry regulars) by name. They are always happy to give their four-legged friends the love and affection that they crave and deserve. Speaking of regulars, most of the customers who visit here are more than happy to talk and share a story or two and don’t mind the nudging of Izzy’s snout, looking for snacks or attention (standard behaviour for Izzy, the loving beast that she is).

The Gaping Goose have two weekly quiz nights, starting at approximately 9:30pm on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s. Now, I’ll be the first to give a pub-quiz a go and this one is definitely a challenge for the younger folk: the main audience for the quiz nights tends to be those in their ‘golden-years’. Recently they have had a small number of acoustic acts on, which unfortunately I haven’t been able to bare witness to. Being a musician myself I feel I should be able to go in to more detail relating to live acts but on this occasion I will have to give it a miss.

Whether just a one-off, or a more regular choice of destination, I’m sure the Gaping Goose will please all for a casual visit.

Overall score: 82%

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